The IHC Pro 150 air purifier can treat an area of up to 150m2. Thanks to its larger filter and exceptional power it is able to clean the air in your workplace or your home extremely quickly and efficiently. It also has the exact same decibel ratings as its smaller sibling ensuring ultimate comfort, piece and quiet. 

This unit has been designed for larger open plan offices or large domestic environments. The hardware combined with its intelligent control system constantly monitoring the air quality and adjusting itself accordingly. Whats not to love? 

Product Model

:        IHC Pro 150

Reference Number

:        PRO150


:        Gold & Black

Range of Action

:        Up to 150m2

Particle CADR 

:        60 – 550 m3/h 

Formaldehyde CADR

:        19.3 – 226 m3/h

Particle CCM

:        P4 (Highest grade) 

Formaldehyde CCM 

:        F4 (Highest grade) 

Negative Ion Density 

:        20 million pc/cm3

Input Voltage & Frequency 

:        AC 220V – 50Hz


 :       Speed 1 : 9.8W

         Speed 2 : 13.6W

         Speed 3 : 28.2W

         Speed 4 : 37.8W

         Speed 5 : 54.5W

Fan Speeds 

:        1-2-3-4-5 (5 levels) 

Noise Level (decibels) 

:       Speed 1 = Silent (<30 dB)

        Speed 2 = 41 dB

        Speed 3 = 50 dB

        Speed 4 = 62 dB

        Speed 5 = 68 dB

Product Size

:       31.25cm (w) x 84cm (h)

Net Weight

:        11.8kg

Multi-Layer Filter 

:       Weight: 3.6kg

:       15cm (ID) x 26cm (OD) x

        60cm (H)

Filter Composition

:      Pre Filter

       Bamboo Fibre and Lysozyme

       HEPA H13 Filter

       Activated Charcoal 


Lifespan of Filter

:       12 Months 

Purification Functions (in addition to filter) 

:       Ionization (20million pc/cm3)

        UV Sterilisation (UVC lamp -254nm)     

Remote Control Display

:        Real Time Digital Display

Remote Control Display Sensors

:        Fine Particles Sensor (PM2.5)

        Chemical Pollution Sensor (HCHO) 

        Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Air Quality Indicator

:       Excellent: Green

        Good: Blue

        Fair: Yellow

        Bad: Red


:       5 Year Limited Warranty

For more information or to enquire about placing an order then get in touch. 


T: 01323 449000