The key benefits of the IHC AERO 100 and IHC PRO 150 include its ability to clean indoor air utilising a purification device that combines eight different filtration technologies resulting in the removal of 99.97% of fine polluting particles (0.01 micron and up). Polluting particles include but are not limited to: all germs (bacteria, viruses, moulds), all airborne allergens (dust mites, pollen, dust, animal dander), chemicals and gases (formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, acetic acid, alcohols, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide) along with all irritants and pollutants (tobacco and other types of smoke, fine particles, exhaust gases). This along with the effective area coverage 100m2 and 150m2 respectively makes it one of the best performing air purifiers in the market.

Unique, Innovative and Highly Efficient 360°Air Intakes. 

This range was designed for optimal efficiency, thanks to its cylindrical shape it has 360°air intake system that consists of several concentric ducts and is capable to extracting air in all directions.  It utilises a high powered variable speed fan ensuring the air in your room is quickly and efficiently refreshed and purified.

Enhanced Air Circulation 

Thanks to its innovative vertical discharge system, one of the first devices to ever mix cylindrical suction and vertical discharge, optimum air circulation is achieved allowing clean air flow over a long distance.  The fresh clean air is discharged towards the ceiling, resulting in good circulation, the more efficiently the air circulates, the more quickly and thoroughly it can be processed.  

Air Purifier

Purified Air In A Matter Of Minutes

The IHC Pro Air Purifier is capable of completely cleaning the air of up to 150m2 room in a few minutes. It is CADR-certified with a rating of 550 m3/hr, with our IHC Aero Air Purifier capable of 100m2 and a CADR (clean air delivery rating) of 503.1m3/h respectively,  these are among the best on the market. We use 5 different filtration levels to eliminate all suspended particles (PM 2.5). You can now enjoy fresh and pure air, without having to leave your home or office space. All you are missing is the sound of birds!

Ionization Built In

Ionisation is the diffusion of negative ions in the air.  These ions are naturally attracted to fine particles and many pollutants, including the infamous PM2.5 and even 0.01 particles. They will either disintegrate these toxic particles or cause them to fall to the ground, thereby protecting your lungs.  The manufacturer uses a unique technology with unrivalled power of 20 million pcs/cm3 at the output.  This technology helps fight all the fine particles which not only contaminate the air but also lodged themselves in the alveoli of our lungs, bacteria and viruses amongst others.

Photocatalysis and UV Sterilisation

All units come equipped with a UV lamp.  They are soundless and do not emit any ozone.

Photo catalysis breaks down VOC’s (volatile organic Compounds), pollutants, and other microorganisms through a redox reaction.  This device also relies on two natural sterilisation processes:  UV (ultra violet) rays (via a lamp) and Lysozyme.

UV is a method known for its extreme antibacterial efficacy.  As for Lysozyme it is and enzyme which “lyses” (destroys) bacteria. Both UV and catalysis can be activated and deactivated at will.

Full Control Over The Air You Breathe

The Remote Control display allows you to check you indoor air quality at a glance.  Thanks to a latest-generation laser and chemical pollutant sensor, it can conveniently display all the essential data regarding the air you breathe.

First and foremost it helps you better understand the type and rate of pollution in your space.  If the indicator light is green you can breathe in peace.  If it turns yellow or red then just let the “Automatic” mode accelerate the fan speed and protect your health.

The Remote Control Display also gives you the humidity and temperature of the room, along with the rate of chemical pollution (formaldehyde concentration).  Its sensors analyse the ambient air at all times.

The devices have five different speeds, this allows you to adjust the rate of purification according to your situation.

When in “night” mode, the air purifier continues to clean your air while saving energy.  The devise is perfectly silent (< 30 dB) and keeps its lights turned off, which is ideal of both sleeping and breathing well.

High End HEPA Filter

A H13 Certified HEPA filter is used to trap 99.95% of particles that have a diameter greater than or equal to 0.3 um.  It combines activated charcoal and bamboo fibre to capture most VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), more than 26 different gases, pollen, odours, and more.  It also destroys germs, bacteria and viruses.


HEPA Filter

Our 8 Step Filtration System Explained

The IHC AERO 100 and IHC PRO 150 have a purification device that combines eight different technologies to provide you with clean air free of nanoparticles and allergens.

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