The IHC Aero 100 air purifier is capable of purifying a space of up to 100m2. Its unique design and clever control system have all been designed to adapt to any environment in which it is placed. It has 5 different speed levels which can be set manually if required. Level 1 is completely silent allowing the unit to fade into the background and level 5 is surprisingly powerful.

Its state of the art design allows it be extremely versatile whilst targeting air quality as a whole. Inspiration from its design is from the aeronautical world and the filtration technologies are inspired from the medical world. 

Product Model

:        IHC Aero 100

Reference Number

:        AERO100


:        White & Black

Range of Action

:        Up to 100m2

Particle CADR 

:        60 – 503.1 m3/h 

Formaldehyde CADR

:        19.3 – 162.2 m3/h

Particle CCM

:        P4 (Highest grade) 

Formaldehyde CCM 

:        F4 (Highest grade) 

Negative Ion Density 

:        20 million pc/cm3

Input Voltage & Frequency 

:        AC 220V – 50Hz


 :       Speed 1 : 10.1W

         Speed 2 : 13.5W

         Speed 3 : 19.2W

         Speed 4 : 35.8W

         Speed 5 : 56.8W

Fan Speeds 

:        1-2-3-4-5 (5 levels) 

Noise Level (decibels) 

:       Speed 1 = Silent (<30 dB)

        Speed 2 = 41 dB

        Speed 3 = 50 dB

        Speed 4 = 62 dB

        Speed 5 = 68 dB

Product Size

:       31.25cm (w) x 62.7cm (h)

Net Weight

:        9.4kg

Multi-Layer Filter 

:       Weight: 2.2kg

:       15.5cm (ID) x 26cm (OD) x

        39cm (H)

Filter Composition

:      Pre Filter

       Bamboo Fibre and Lysozyme

       HEPA H13 Filter

       Activated Charcoal 


Lifespan of Filter

:       12 Months 

Purification Functions (in addition to filter) 

:       Ionization (20million pc/cm3)

        UV Sterilisation (UVC lamp -254nm)     

Remote Control Display

:        Real Time Digital Display

Remote Control Display Sensors

:        Fine Particles Sensor (PM2.5)

        Chemical Pollution Sensor (HCHO) 

        Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Air Quality Indicator

:       Excellent: Green

        Good: Blue

        Fair: Yellow

        Bad: Red


:       5 Year Limited Warranty

For more information or to enquire about placing an order then get in touch. 


T: 01323 449000