An air purifier is an electrical device that cleans your indoor air of all pollutants, to make the air healthier. Like any other device, you can plug it into a regular wall outlet and let it efficiently clean the air in your home.

Thanks to the combination of scientifically proven filters and processes, our air purifier cleans the air of all dust, odours, hair, allergens, pollens, mites, volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, pesticides, and other micro particles. It breaks them down, filters them, traps them or weighs them down, allowing you to breathe freely again.

An air purifier can be installed at home or in the office. Our purifier provides you with air that is more than 99.95% cleaned.

Respiratory diseases affect more and more people every year of all ages. Respiratory diseases are becoming more commonplace due to the combination of pollution in our cities, smoking, allergies, and asthma. According to a forecast by the WHO (World Health Organization), they could soon become the third leading cause of death among people in the UK by 2030.

Our IHC Air Purifier cleans the air inside your home or work place by filtering out all harmful components which you shouldn’t be exposed to. For example, it helps smokers to avoid exposing their loved ones to second-hand smoking. An air purifier such as ours is also a great ally for people who have sensitive bronchi, and people with allergies or asthma. They can now breathe with confidence and use fewer preventive treatments.

An air purifier is beneficial to everyone, whether they are particularly sensitive or not. Many studies are currently being carried out regarding pollutants present in our indoor air and their impact on our health: cancer, intoxicants, cardiovascular diseases, and more. An air purifier traps or destroys all the harmful particles that we breathe in without realising such as viruses, bacteria, VOCs from paint, formaldehyde from our furniture, and more.

Breathe healthy air again and stay healthy!

Yes, an air purifier works according to scientific and physics-based principles. There is no magic or fairy dust involved whatsoever. Depending on the brand and model, they can combine several types of innovative filters or chemical processes that destroy pollutants in indoor air.

You can learn more about the 8-step filtering process we use in our AIRVIA Medical Air Purifier on the homepage of this website.

IHC Air Purifiers combines the best of current technologies and the latest innovations to build an air purifier that provides impressive results. CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) rated, it boasts a score of 503.1 m3/hr.

The IHC Air Purifier is effective on an area of 1000 ft² (100m²) and includes: a pre-filter, three powerful filters including a latest-generation H13 HEPA filter, an ionization step, a photocatalytic step, a UV lamp, and a molecular sieve.

While an air purifier does efficiently clean your indoor air, we recommend that you ventilate your office/workplace regularly.

If you do not possess a venitlation system, you should open your windows for 10 minutes twice daily (morning and night) to let in some fresh air, as per the recommendations of the Agency for Development and Control of Energy. Rest assured that your IHC Air Purifier will cleanse this new air without consuming more energy.

The IHC Air Purifier is inspired by the state-of-the-art technology used in hospitals, laboratories, and research centres, to provide individuals with optimal air purification.

Both individuals and professionals can benefit from the IHC Air Purifier. It keeps all of its promises and allows you to breathe fresh air just like in the countryside, whether you are at your desk or on your couch.

The different filters of the IHC Air Purifier combine the best of current technologies. To ensure optimal efficiency, they only need to be changed once per year.

We will contact you when your unit is 11 months old with regard to replacement filters.

The IHC Air Purifier does not make any more noise than a standard fan. It also comes with a “Sleep Mode” where all indicator lights are turned off and the noise is lowered to less than 30dB (compared to 60dB in regular mode).

The IHC Air Purifier combines the best of current technology to provide maximum efficiency with minimal energy consumption. At full speed, our IHC Pro 150’s power is rated at 54.5W and just 3W at minimum speed. If used year-round for 10 hours a day at full speed, your air purifier consumes a little over 198kWh. This is comparable to the energy consumption of a refrigerator or a vacuum cleaner (calculated in proportion to the duration of use).

All our IHC Air Purifiers come with a warranty that covers all failures that could occur within 5 years of purchase. The warranty applies as long as your device has been used in the right conditions and has been properly maintained.