We are all keen to get back to work in the safest way possible, and there has been concerns over the safety of using air conditioning systems, when used in multi occupancy areas.

BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) amongst other things is recommending that air conditioning fan coil units, including DX fan coils connected as a single split or part of a multi-split or VRF system, when serving a multiple occupancy area should be switched off if possible.  These units utilise recirculated air from the area in which they are positioned.

The reason for this is due to the different exposure mechanisms of Covid-19 which are:

  1. Close contact transmission through large droplets (>10 microns) which are released and fall to surfaces not further than about 1-2 m from the infected person.
  2. Airborne transmission through small particles (<5 microns) which may stay airborne for hours and can be transported long distances.

However, we are all aware that this is not always an option, and they acknowledge there are things we can do to mitigate the potential risk.

  1. Introduce a high end air purifier to remove any potential airborne small particles utilising a number of sterilisation methods including certified HEPA filters, activated Charcoal filters, and UV Sterilisation and ionisation which will remove at least 99.97% of pollutant particles down to PM 0.1. It is also important that the unit can adequately cover the area in which it is placed.
  2. Introduce natural ventilation by opening windows. Obviously having windows open and utilising air conditioning is not ideal and not what we would recommend under normal circumstances, as it will affect the performance of the unit however, if this is the only option, this has to be accepted because it is more important to prevent contamination and protect public health than to guarantee thermal comfort.

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