Independent Heating & Cooling have been providing heating, ventilation and air conditioning for in excess of 30 years.  Providing a safe, healthy and productive environment has been at the heart of our business throughout this time.  In recent years the subject of indoor air quality has been raised on many occasions particularly during seasonal epidemics such as flu or gastrointestinal outbreaks, particularly where clients are using air conditioning as their form of heating and cooling.

After carrying out lots of research we have concluded that the use of high quality air purifiers utilising a number of filtering technologies along with UVC lamps and ionisation is very beneficial to indoor air quality.   One of the main questions being asked was, will the IHC air purifier be effective against viruses and other germs?  Obviously this year questions like this have been even more prominent due to the coronavirus epidemic and the anxiety it generates.

When utilising technology, inspired by the medical and aeronautical worlds, filtration technologies have allowed a filtration level of 99.97% of fine particles (0.01 micron and up).  This air purifier has a very broad spectrum of action on all types of pollution including but not limited to: all germs (bacteria, viruses, moulds), all irritants and pollutants (tobacco and other types of smoke, fine particles, exhaust gases), all airborne allergens (dust mites, pollen, dust, animal dander) as well as chemicals and gases (formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, acetic acid, alcohols, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide).

This means that they are very effective against viruses, including flu, MERS and SARS therefore, there is no reason why coronavirus should be an exception.  However we would point out the following:

Warning: please note that air purifiers are by no means an all-in-one solution to fight by itself the coronavirus or any other epidemic.  While using our devices can indeed effectively purify the air in your space, this does not in any way prevent the transmission of the virus by other means. The usual hygienic precautions therefore remain essential.

We believe in honesty and integrity and are here to help, advise and support our customer needs. 

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